This Is a Pretty Good Memorial Day BBQ Street Brawl


When one comes across a two-minute fight video on the internet, you don’t expect it to be two full minutes of fighting. More likely, you get 40 second of yelling, 20 seconds of punches, then a worthless minute of aftermath.

Not this one. This is two solid minutes of top-notch punching and kicking. Filming begins right as things start to get out-of-hand. It’s hard to tell what is happening at first, but factions develop about 20 seconds in. Then, it’s classic Jets vs. Sharks. The white team even pays homage to 300, forming a Spartan-style phalanx and advancing down the street.

That strategy falls to pieces (in war, the best laid plans go to waste), as multiple individual scraps break out. Check out the girl in blue at 0:46 kicking a Bro when he’s down. Solid move, there.

That’s followed by a violent pile up, with one exhausted dude throwing the laziest punches you’ve ever seen. Really just letting his arm fall down.

When is seems round three is about to break out, the most intimidating force of nature appears.

The rumble is halted by cops on Segways.

A+. Ten of ten. Go America.

[H/T Drunken Stepfather]