Google Fearlessly Challenges Hackers To Hack A Chromebook For A $100K Payout

Tracing back to 2010 Google’s been throwing fuck-it-funds at hackers to essentially hack into Google’s varying technologies to dig up any vulnerabilities in their software/hardware. Well, it turns out a bold ‘ n fearless challenge with a $50k reward just last year issued by Google to any willing hackers to take a crack at the yet-untapped Google Chromebook went unanswered; and now Google’s raising the bag ‘o victory loot for successfully hacking the Chromebook to $100,000, plus smaller payouts for finding and fixing bugs. I mean damn bros. Anyone out there who ever thought about learning how to drop a line of half decent code must be scratching their heads over how the fuck it is we came to live in a world where one of the ruling technology titans would pay the worthy hacking adversary a whopping $100k to illicitly fuck their system up. Thing is, this whole play by Google’s kind of baked in stone cold rationality.

By pulling literal pocket change out their seemingly bottomless bank to draw the cream of the keyboard-mashing, over-caffeinated hacker gurus Google stands to create something of an impenetrable castle-status Chromebook. This in turn has massive market appeal for those consumers out there worried about the endless procession of cyberhacks.

Plus, consider the fact that Google’s working long and hard to roll out those self-driving cars, which by all means cannot ever run the risk of being hacked. That shit would kill market demand for those futuristic cars quicker than a basement-dwelling Broder (bro+coder) could shotgun a Mountain Dew Code Red while hacking a measly 50k of World of Warcraft gold for the new lim. edition green maned lion mount.

[H/T: Business Insider]