You Can Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Right Now, So What’s The Hold Up?

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Google Maps has recently unveiled a feature that allows users to play Pac-Man in almost every city in the world. Just open Google Maps and the satellite view at the bottom left of your screen. Then click the little Pac-Man icon.

Google will analyze your surroundings and use the roads to decipher a level. If your location is not suitable for play (get out of your basement, bro), Google will allow you to select a new area, or lick “I’m Feeling Lucky”, to be transported to a randomized area.

Google precluded the revelation of the Pac-Man feature with this cryptic tweet:

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Fun fact about Pac-Man: It was first released as “Puck-Man”, which is a derived from the Japanese term ‘paku’, meaning ‘chomp’. Given the closeness to the word FUCK, arcade operators at the time were afraid that the ‘P’ on their machines would get altered by some crazy teenagers. Or people like me. “Pac” was suggested as the alternative name.

Fun Fact about Google: I applied for a job there and never heard back.

Click Here to get playing!!!

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