You And The Bros Can Trip Balls Using Google’s New DeepDream Experiment To Go On A Virtual Reality Journey

Get stoked bros, because Google wants to take you on a very neat virtual reality-infused psychedelic-like trip with their latest released experiment. Specifically, the big G’s newest VR experiment takes 360-degree footage and feeds it through its DeepDream machine which uses a program to transform ordinary images caught by your eye into dreamlike works of awe-inspiring art. Fuck yeah, is right.

Jessica Brillhart, the leading filmmaker for this VR project uploaded the first video for the project on YouTube for anyone trip-seeker with a Google Cardboard headset willing to test the groovy sublime waters. Dude, why not? Save some money you’d otherwise throw down for semi-spendy psychedelics and give technology the mic for a sec to show ya what she’s got.

[H/T: Engadget]