New Commercial For ‘Google Translate’ Just Dropped An Atomic Bomb On The Language Industry: Adios Rosetta Stone

Google just released a new commercial for one of their products on another one of their products because they’re Google and they own everything: this ‘Google Translate‘ commercial on YouTube is proof that Google’s just stuck the final dagger in the language learning industry. What’s the point of learning a new language that you’re only going to use minimally (once a decade?) when you can just point your phone and Google Translate will do everything for you? The Google Translate app is going to completely revolutionize world travel as we know it, and chances are we’re going to see a regression in intelligence because this app is so advanced and people will no longer have to learn.

In the latest commercial for Google Translate they showcase the app’s abilities by translating Ritchie Valens’ Mexican folk song ‘La Bamba’, one of the best known songs in the history of the music industry. Most people have never had a clue as to what the lyrics to ‘La Bamba’ are, and often just sing along to the parts when he says ‘La Bamba’, but Google Translate’s here to change all of that forever. The future is now, and in that future we’re all going to stop learning because technology is so advanced there’s nothing left for us to do.