Google’s Interns Have Turned Their Apartment Complex Into a Party Haven

One further perk new to this year: Google now provides housing at the Crescent Village in North San Jose. The complex features swimming pools, a tennis and fitness center, and a movie theater, all for a free rent that normally would run between $1,880 and $3,375 a month. And, as a New York Mag feature lays out, the 20-year-olds are living it UP in their new digs. 

One afternoon last week, shortly after a charter bus had dropped off several dozen Google interns at the center of the complex, another tech intern who was waiting for his friend, a Google intern, on a bench outside the complex, said that he'd been to numerous events at Crescent Village in recent weeks, all “sort of normal college parties.” He said that Google interns frequently commandeer the in-ground hot tubs at night for parties.

“It's pretty fun,” he said.

A Google intern, seated by the pool at the Milano building, admitted that there have been “a lot of noise complaints” from neighbors.


Yes, the young families and kill-joy Adobe employees pop-up software updaters that inhabit Crescent Village are not too thrilled with the dorm-room atmosphere created by those wild Googlers. Parties go down every night, and the hot tub now appears to have the same chemical consistency as the infamous Jersey Shore cesspool. Google refuses to comment on its young employees' behavior, other than to say, “We've reminded our interns to be respectful of the community,” but Yelp is filled with complaints. As one intern said, “You put a bunch of 20-year-olds in the same place, and what do you expect?”

Agreed. Unless the interns are destroying property, it's hard to fault a group of (very smart, presumably somewhat responsible) college kids for acting like… kids. And this quote in particular makes me really question whether the other residents are just awful kill-joys:

“They dart out into the middle of the street,” [46-year-old resident Rochelle Fisher] said. “They jaywalk all the time. I have to be very careful when I'm driving.”


Someone get this lady a self-driving car. Stat.

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