Google’s Plans For Its New Headquarters Are INSANE And Proof That Hooli Is Real

HBO’s Silicon Valley is easily one of my favorite new TV shows in the last couple years. A smart satire of Silicon Valley and start-up culture’s overinflated sense of self, it kind of reminds me of a more geeky, tech-driven Entourage: Get rich with your brogrammer buddies while fucking around and building a kick-ass technology company. The dick algorithm joke is one of the funniest things I’ve ever watchedBetas on Amazon Prime is pretty fantastic as well.

On Friday Google announced some very ambitious plans for its Mountain View headquarters. According to the Wall Street Journal, it would accommodate an additional 10,000 employees on top of the 20,000 who currently work at Google’s HQ complex. It looks HUGE and ambitious and super futuristic, with architects using a lot of sexy buzzwords like “workspace of the future” and “the cradle of innovation.”  It reminds of me Hooli, the fictional Google/Facebook-esque company from Silicon Valley that lampoons the workplace culture of these companies.

Just watch the video and look at the pics. The video SOUNDS like it was made to be lampooned by Mike Judge. Google’s new HQ is going to be nuts and I’d LOVE to visit it when it’s done 10 years from now. As far as offices go, though, it’s kinda looks like it’s an amusement park for work. I don’t know how anyone gets a damn thing done there.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.21.05 PM


Fucking Hooli. Always achieving greatness by only achieving goodness.