GoPro Made Their Most Terrifyingly Insane Video Ever, Put A Camera On A Guy Who Works A Regular Office Job

Oh. My. God. This is like a traumatic flashback of what life was like my first year out of college. A cubical. A set daily routine. Paperwork. Spreadsheets coming out of my ears and asshole and every other bodily orifice. Taking bathroom breaks so long that your legs go numb, but hey, sure beats sitting in that cubical, right?

Yep. Fuck everything else, this is the shit that nightmares are made of.

I don’t know what GoPro’s trying to accomplish with this video, but when I watched it the only message I’m seeing is, “There’s a good chance your life FUCKING BLOWS during the week, so if this is you, do something worth living for on the weekend.” It’s inspiring, really.

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