Allow This Vine To Introduce You To Gordon Ramsay’s Newest Insult Involving Idiots And Sandwiches

by 3 years ago

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Are you an idiot? Do you sometimes consider yourself a sandwich? Well then you’re in luck, because Gordon Ramsay is here to let you know that you are, in fact, an idiot sandwich. Which is perfectly fine, because if you sit down and think about it – aren’t we all just idiot sandwiches living in Gordon Ramsay’s world?

Personally I like turkey, so I like to think of myself as an “idiot turkey sandwich.” I know Covucci likes salads which makes him a stupid idiot rather than just a regular idiot, in which case he would be a “stupid idiot sandwich.” As for the rest of our editorial staff, I can’t see what they eat from my desk so let’s just lump them all into the general “idiot sandwich” category. I think JCamm likes turkey too, but I’m not aboutta give up my title just because our choice in lunch seems to overlap.

You can watch the full sketch below:

Allow This Vine To Give You Gordon Ramsay’s Newest Insult Involving Idiots And Sandwiches

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