Watch This Old Ass Grandma Lose Her Dentures While Watching Virtual Reality For The First Time

Old people are immune to the shifting trends of society. They could give a shit less about how many Instagram likes the picture of your salad got, how many chicks you’ve banged off Tinder, and whoever that Justin Beavers guy is.

When I told my grandmother I wrote for a men’s general interest blog, I had to take a few giant steps back and explain to her what the internet was, then what a blog was, and then reminder her that if she has to piss, she should find a toilet instead of going down her leg. Get your shit together, grandma. You’re hurting the family name.

This grandma got a heavy dose of the future when experiencing virtual reality for the first time.

From the video’s YouTube description:

My grandmother, Marie, tries Google Cardboard VR for the first time. She is watching a roller coaster simulation. We filmed this on vacation in Hawaii (Laupahoehoe) on Christmas morning. She will be 89 in March.

Remember bros, make fun of old people while you can because when we hit 90, we’re going to be flabbergasted that our grandkids are married to robots. And make no mistake, that will be the case.

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