Grandma Spits In The Face Of Man In Wheelchair, Gets Thumped, Then Pulls Off NBA-Worthy Flop

by 4 years ago

I’d rather be punched in the face than to have someone spit in my face. A black eye will heal after a few weeks, but viral meningitis and herpes can last forever. That’s why I think this old grandma deserved to be flattened. This nana refused to let a man sit next to her on a bus in Vancouver, then hocked a loogie on a man in a wheelchair. Not very endearing if you ask me. A woman, who is said to be the girlfriend of the man in the wheelchair, stood up for the disabled man and smacked the crap out of the old witch.

The grandma gets hit hard and her head smashes against the window. Seconds after she had already been hit, she flops to the ground. My favorite part of this video (There are so many) is as this crotchety old hag hits the ground she lets out a weird moan.

I’m not advocating punching old ladies, but purposely spitting on someone is a criminal offense in Canada and classified as assault, which is punishable by up to five years. So based on that, if you assault someone, you can’t be shocked if they assault you back.

Going to be extremely difficult to spit on people when your haggard face is on the floor of the bus.

This woman is the LeBron James of bus riders.


Sorry Leo, this old hag deserves your Oscar.


Party Bus Fail