Grandmas Smoking Weed, Girl Voice Guy, ‘Apparently’ Kid And More In The 50 Best Viral Videos Of 2014

Now when I tell you that this has the top viral videos of 2014, I am not joshing you.

The good people at World Wide Interweb put together this entertaining compilation of the 50 best viral videos of the past year. Added bonus: all of these delightful videos play with the soundtrack of “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon in the background. They didn’t just randomly pick some crap videos that they liked, they found the videos with the most views. And there was a lot of views.

In the compilation we’ve got Chris Pratt rapping Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre,” that awesome demon baby prank, Arnold Schwarzenegger incognito in a Gold’s Gym, that dude that got kicked in the head by an oncoming train, exploding glow sticks, cartoon characters brawling in the street, grandmas smoking weed, the “apparently” kid at the fair and that weird guy that does a perfect girl’s voice.

But you’re probably saying to yourself, “But do they have that little pimp kid who has too many girlfriends?” You betcha.

Then you’re wondering, “That’s great and all, but do they have goats?” Are you kidding? Of course it has goats.

You’re still not convinced so you ask, “But what about those children who fall on their faces when they hear the ice cream man?” Is George Washington on Mount Rushmore? Indubitably they have those balance-deficient tots.

Some of you then ask the dumb question, “Is there cats?” C’mon, it truly wouldn’t be a viral video compilation without cats.