Sad Grandpa Who’s Grandkids Ditched Pawpaw’s Burger Dinner Is Having A Cookout That You Can Attend!

Last week we told you the sad story about the grandpa who got ditched by his five ungrateful grandchildren for his awesome burger dinner. The tweet by Kelsey Harmon, a college softball player from Oklahoma and the one grandchild who went to grandpa’s burger dinner, went bonkers. It has an astounding 175,195 Retweets and 286,800 Likes.

The massive guilt or the massive popularity (Definitely the massive popularity) caused absentee grandson Brock Harmon to have a burger with Pawpaw.

Then Brock announced on Twitter that there will be another Pawpaw burger dinner, but this time not only are the grandchildren invited, but the entire Internet!

The epic cookout is going down at a flea market that the Harmon family owns in Purcell, Oklahoma on March 26th. Burgers will cost only $2 each and t-shirts that read, “I had a burger with Papaw,” will be available for around $25.

“It was Pawpaw’s idea to have the cookout,” Brock told BuzzFeed.

“He loves all of this,” Harmon said about his grandfather’s reaction to all of the hoopla. “He never ever thought he would be a celebrity.”

“We’re a very family-oriented family,” Harmon told KVUE. We communicate all the time… We want people to learn a lesson from this — call your grandparents, tell them you love them, go eat with them.”

It looks like there is going to be a tremendous turnout for Pawpaw’s cookout based on all of the people on Twitter saying they’re going.

Enjoy your dinner Pawpaw and have a burger for me!