Grannies Who Have Never Smoked Pot Take A Trip To Amsterdam And Get TOTALLY Baked

Three British grannies, Trish, 82-years-young, Margot, 73, and Daphne, 78, went on a trip to Amsterdam to sample some of the culture… and weed. A whole lotta weed in fact. In the video for Channel 4, the nanas sampled a variety of cannabis at a Dutch coffee shop.

The 73-year-old granny named Margot starts off the video by saying, “I never tried cannabis before. When I was young I thought it was only criminals that used it.” Then a photo of Margot when she was young flashes on the screen, and I’ve got to admit, Margot looked like a real piece of ass back in her day.

They first try rolling joints and Margot is nominated to roll the joints because she’s “good at embroidery and probably has clever hands.” She’s a goddamn natural at it and finishes it off with a hearty lick. I knew she was a goer.

Next up they smoke from a bong and are near natural potheads with very little coughing.

Lastly, the friends enjoy some space cake. “It looks like gingerbread,” says Daphne. This ain’t your regular tea and crumpets grandma.

The grannies are then released into the wild and go to a playground. They are completely baked and ponder if the ground is hard or soft.

Fast forward a month, these old ninnies are going to be hot boxing in their Model T automobile and rocking “LEGALIZE IT” t-shirts.

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