Guy Buys Grappling Hook Online And Things Go So Horribly Wrong It’s No Longer Available For Purchase

Can’t a guy get a good grappling hook these days?!? Apparently so but only if he buys it from a reputable dealer and not some random company online. And not one that states “not for climbing.”

This guy bought a grappling hook off Amazon and tested it out to horrible results.

I tried to climb an abandoned factory at night across from my house. The grappling hook seemed to be fairly secure, and I started climbing up the rope thinking I’m spiderman. I am not spiderman. The whole thing falls apart when I’m about 15 ft up, I fall and sprain both my knees, cut up my arm and break my clavicle. I also needed a tetanus shot.

Now I don’t have pictures of the actual X-ray, but I have the also much requested pictures of some of the injuries. The only proof I have of the knees are the braces which aren’t that exciting.

Tl;dr it’s literally 5 sentences just read it

Here’s a few shots of the factory he tried to climb. And now here’s the damage to his body (not counting the wrapped up hand above.)

Besides the directions, the guy didn’t read the words in bold that said NOT FOR CLIMBING. But in his defense, what the hell else would you use a grappling hook for?

From another Redditor: “The description does say – “not recommended for climbing.” I completely understand the weight rating and other descriptions imply it can be used for climbing, the manufacturer gave very misleading information.”

Not long after posting his story to Reddit, the hook was taken off Amazon.

[via Reddit]