15-Foot Great White Shark Gets Waaaay Too Close For Comfort When It Nibbles On The Boat

by 2 years ago

This inquisitive 15-foot Great White Shark began circling a fishing boat just 1-mile offshore last weekend. Just another day in Australia, right? This all went down in Port MacDonnell, South Australia and like I said, it was just one mile off the beach so they were within sight of land the entire time this spooky encounter took place.

There’s quite a bit of beeping going on in this video. The fishermen aboard dropping ‘holy shit’ on repeat, which is probably the natural reaction when you come face to face with a shark like this.

We’re stepping into Summer here in the U.S. The first day of Summer is a week from Tomorrow. That means that the first day of Winter in Australia is also next Wednesday and when the colder Winter water arrives so do the big Great White Sharks. Great White Sharks can be found all over the world but they tend to congregate in certain geographic pockets as the global weather changes. Over the next several months we’ll likely see quite a few shark videos coming out of Australia, and potentially South Africa as well. Which brings me to my next point, if you ever have a video like this about sharks (or fishing) and you want me to feature it here on BroBible or on the BroBible Instagram you can email it to me at cass@brobibledotcom, or you can hit me up on Twitter at @casspa.

(h/t Caters Clips YouTube)

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