Summer Of The Shark Attack? Biggest Great White You’ll Ever See Gets WAY Too Close For Comfort, Lunges At Diver

Mexico is one of the best locations in the world for thrill seekers hoping to catch a glimpse of a great white shark. Parts of Mexico act as home during the annual migration of great white sharks up and down the Pacific Coast, and if someone’s looking to dive with the great white sharks but doesn’t want to fly all the way to South Africa then Mexico is the place to do it.

Be forewarned though, the sharks in Mexico might try to take a little nibble out of you, or give you 2 punches for ‘flinching’ when they pull some shit like what went down in the video above. I’m not sure how the ‘2 for flinching’ rule works when it comes to sharks, maybe the shark takes pity on you because you’ve already pooped yourself in the frigid waters of Baja or maybe you just get ridiculed by the boat’s crew when you get back to land for looking like a total jabroni. Either way, shout out to that diver for not actually soiling himself when the shark took that aggressive turn and briefly reminded him who has the biggest swinging dick in the Pacific.

(h/t BarcorftTV)