This Might Be The Greatest Passive-Aggressive Response To A Disgustingly Messy Roommate Ever

If you have ever had a super messy roommate you know the frustration that comes with it. You are never sure how exactly to deal with it. Do you be straight up and tell them to clean their mess up? Do you clean up his mess yourself? Do you just say screw it and move?

Well, this guy, a comedian named Justin Cousson from Los Angeles, came up with an A+ response to his messy roommate situation and he did it in one of the most creative passive-aggressive ways possible.

After a photographer friend of his held an exhibition he decided that his roommate’s mess was also perfect for an art exhibition.

Posting the photos on his Twitter account, Cousson said, “My passive aggressive art gallery is thriving, although some critics don’t care for my emphasis on found pieces.”

Here’s a closer look at the first pieces in his “exhibition”…

He has since added to the “collection”…

Needless to say, Cousson’s art has been a hit on Twitter with other folks even asking him to appraise some of their roommate’s “work”…

It is a pretty special piece.

Pretty sure it’s both.

Now if he could only do something about his on-going feud with James Blunt.