Is Grilled Corn ‘The Shit. So Blaze With Parmigan Cheese And Mad Seasonings’?



That’s the claim Instagram user @laze_25_8 just made. Earlier, Guy Fieri threw up that pic of grilled corn to celebrate summer. It’s got what looks like a lime crema on it. That is the shit. Grilled corn with lime crema is no doubt the shit. That’s not in debate here. What is is Laze’s opinion, which he offered in the comments.

Grilled corn is the shit. So blaze with parmigan cheese and mad seasonings

Forgetting the part where Laze is exactly how I dreamed a Guy Fieri Instagram commenter would sound, he’s referring to Parmigiano Reggiano, which has a sharp, nutty flavor. That’s different than Cojita cheese, typically served with corn, which, although similar in taste to Parmesan, has a much, much different mouth feel.

I’ve never put Parmesan on corn. I doubt you have either. But maybe I’m wrong? Maybe I’m missing out?

And what about these mad seasonings? Salt, yes. Cayenne, a sprinkle. Is that what he is talking about? Or is Laze talking about Mrs. Dash? Or nutmeg?

I don’t know. I may never know. But what do you think? Is grilled corn “with parmigan cheese and mad seasonings” so blaze?

Answer in the comments.

If you wanna make Guy Fieri’s corn you can get the recipe here. I was wrong. It wasn’t a lime crema. It’s a Miller Lite cream. Which is so blaze.