The Responses To This Dude On Grindr Asking About Scottish Independence Are Exactly What You’d Expect


We all know what Grindr is and what it’s used for (but if you don’t and want a quick explanation click here), one of those uses NOT being to poll people about their political stances. Rules and norms are meant to be broken of course, hence why a guy by the name of machotrouts on Tumblr went and decided it was time to use Grindr to poll people about whether they were going to vote “Yes” or “No” when it comes to Scottish Independence. At first we get a few and thoughtful responses…




…and that was about it. We then immediately delve into exactly what you’d expect:


grindr 8

grindr 7 grindr 6 grindr 5 grindr4 grindr 3


Honestly, I laughed. Butt stuff is ALWAYS funny, I don’t care how old you are. Tinder trolls, take note.

[H/T Tumblr and Mic]
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