This Is Apparently A Video Of A Guy Wearing A GoPro And Getting Slapped In The Face By A Grizzly Bear

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that chilling in the wild with lions, tigers, bears and other murderous animals could end poorly for you. It could end with one of them bitch slapping you into the afterlife. That’s what our friends at UPROXX think is happening in the video above. And if that’s what happened then that’s TURRRRIFYING.

But I don’t think it is.

Why do I disagree with that assumption? Well, there is no way a person wearing a GoPro on their head can achieve that camera angle unless they’re lying like a child on the floor watching TV (see image below, and wonder how/why you ever watched TV like that).

Getty Images

That’s literally the only way to nail that camera angle and you’d have to have just had your entire brain removed to lay like that around a a bunch of grizzly bears.

Also, there’s no way Brad Josephs (the man behind the video) doesn’t post pictures online showing his face after that. If he were to even live. You think if he was attached to that camera that the bear would leave him alone after one slap? Hell no. That bear would have continued his assault, ripping the guy’s head off with the sole purpose of shitting down his dead throat. He wouldn’t have been all like, “I think I got the message across with that slap. I pray that he’s not too injured but I do hope he learned his lesson. I’m horny, where’s my sow?”

And yes, I know the camera was turned upright again at the end, but if you will notice, it was after the screen went back and after the bear was at a reasonably safe distance.

Final verdict: No human was attached to that camera. And if there was, someone needs to provide photos of the corpse.