Calculating Groom Gets ULTIMATE Revenge On Cheating Bride On Their Wedding Day!

The old adage goes, “Revenge is a dish served best cold.” However, one groom said, “Revenge is a dish best served in front of friends, family, and loved ones with a heaping helping of embarrassment and payback that will humiliate her forever.” The friend of a groom who suffered emotional devastation after his bride-to-be cheated on him several times tells the tale of a blistering revenge that he achieved on their wedding day.

An Irish sales agent named Sean appeared on The Graham Norton Show to share the tale of his bro dropping the thermonuclear bomb of revenge tactics to shame his cheating fiancee. Sean told the story of his friend’s wedding he attended a few years ago.

The seemingly blissful couple had a lovely wedding service and everyone was gathered at the reception. The groom made a speech, “We’re going to play a game.” He asked everyone to stand up and everyone was giddy with anticipation, but none more than the groom. Then he instructed the wedding guests to flip their plates over and to see if they had dots on the bottom of the plates. The groom then asked all those without a red dot at the bottom of the plate to sit back down. There were eight men left standing who had a red dot.

“Ladies and gentleman, will you please look at the eight gentlemen still standing,” the groom said. “They have slept with my wife since we have been engaged. I am now going for an annulment.”

He then walked straight out of the room.

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