Maniac Goes GTA IRL As He Outmaneuvers A Police Helicopter On His Motorcycle During CRAZY High-Speed Chase

I’ve never posted a 13-minute video. I don’t even like posting videos over 90 seconds because I know the viewing audience is like I am and does not have the patience and attention span to handle a video of that prolonged length. But this is a pretty fucking cool video.

A man in Philadelphia notices that a police helicopter is monitoring him while he goes to get a frosty beverage at the Sunoco quick stop. So he speeds off. That begins an epic high-speed police chase by law enforcement that goes across the city of brotherly love.


A friend sent this footage along to YouTuber carbon RR pilot, asking him not to post it anywhere or share it with anyone. So, obviously, the first thing carbon RR pilot did was post this puppy for everyone to see.

I was joking, the rider asked me to post this, he is a good friend of mine and I built the bike and mirrors.
PHILLY CRUISERS HAVE A NO CHASE POLICY FOR BIKES… chopper follows til you give up or crash then cruisers respond…..

You can believe it if you’d like or not, but the video plays out like a deleted scene from Grand Theft Auto.