If You Can Guess Why These Kids Were Breaking Into Houses And Stealing Gold I’ll Give You $1*

Now I know that title sounds stupid, because it’s not like you really need a reason to burglarize homes for gold other than “I like money and free things and breaking into places through windows.” But sometimes people have plans and ideas and the only way to carry out those plans and ideas is to steal stuff, particularly when you’re 16 years old and for some reason haven’t heard of a new-fangled thing called a “job.” Why get a job when you can just steal stuff? Stealing stuff is fun and easy, especially when you get your friends to do it with you! Or at least that’s what I’m assuming, because why else would a group of teenagers break into houses and steal random gold items from people?

Wait, what’s that? They broke into houses to steal gold so that they could make themselves a set of grills?

Fuck everything.

Police said the teens had been scoping out houses to burglarize around Greenacres. On Feb. 16, the teens were on Nautica Lakes Circle just before 4:30 p.m. and decided to break into a house there, according to the arrest report. Unknown to them, a boy was inside the home at the time and heard the group break in.

Two of the teens acted as lookouts while the others went inside, according to the report. The boy in the house locked himself in the bathroom and called police, who arrived shortly thereafter…

After talking to two of the other teens and reading text messages between the group, police determined the 16-year-old was actually the instigator of the crime, according to the report. Also, the 16-year-old was looking for gold from which a student at the teens’ high school was going to make a set of gold teeth.(Via)

Out of everything you could possibly do with oodles and oodles of stolen gold items, you choose to make a grill? Is your kitchen garbage disposal not working or something? Because throwing all your loot down there and shredding it would serve the same purpose.

Two of the teens were booked into the Palm Beach County Jail after being charged with burglary and grand theft, with one having been released on March 4th and the other being held on $15,000 bail.

*Oh, and as for the $1 I promised in the headline, I 100% doubt you guessed why the kids were breaking into houses and if you say that you did then I bet you’re lying…but I’m a good sport (sometimes). If you tweet me a picture of a cat eating a banana I will Venmo you $1 like I said, ONLY if you tweet me a banana cat picture.

[H/T Sun Sentinel, header image via Shutterstock]