Watch A Group Of Thieves Pull Of An Insanely Brazen Gun Store Heist, Making Off With 50 Weapons In Seconds

by 3 years ago

Well now, this here involves some BALLS.

In the video above, a group of thieves uses a truck to pull the metal gate off a gun store entrance, then floods the place, ransacking the entire store in seconds.

The crime occurred in Houston, Texas early Tuesday morning. It reads like a movie.

Houston police say as many as ten suspects raided the store and got away with at least 50 weapons. The amount of weapons is not counting those they dropped in their haste to get out before police arrived.

A large pickup truck rammed a plate glass window. A chain was used to pull out burglar bars. A wall display of rifles was empty when HPD arrived.

I mean, I almost have to respect the fucking sacs it took to pull this one off.

[Via ABC, H/T Cass]

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