Meet the Man Who Ate Nothing But Raw Meat for Five Years

After suffering from digestive problems, Nance was recommended a carnivorious version of the Paleo diet:

I’d been sick for such a long time that I was willing to give anything a try. I had a couple of goats in my yard that I was using for milk, and, you know, I was tired of milking them, so I slaughtered them. I ate both of those goats, all raw, and just switched over like that.
After the first week, I felt absolutely great, and I never went back.


He mainly eats lamb—staying away from pigs because they're pumped full of hormones—and he sometimes switches up the diet with rotten meat.

It’s a probiotic. Half of the problem with my digestion was actually just lack of enzymes. My body just doesn’t produce enough enzymes to digest starchy foods. So the probiotic bacteria in rotten meat actually help me to digest the food.


You may be wondering how he isn't dead of scurvey, the dreaded Pirate Killer. 

The organ meat of the animal actually contains vitamin C. And the thing about vitamin C is that you need more of it in a high-carbohydrate diet, but if you’re eating carnivorously, there’s enough in the animal flesh. So I just eat the organ meat and the connective tissue and everything else.


And his girlfriend, believe it or not, is a vegan.

I’m learning the trade [of being a butcher] from the ground up and I get lots of scraps to snack on. Before I was an electrician, but I’ll do anything. Joanne runs a vegan juice bar so sometimes I’ll help out there. That’s just life.


Coming this Fall: He eats raw meat! She runs a vegan bar! It's LAMB MAN AND CARROT GIRL. Starring Rob Schneider!