Spare A Thought For This Guy And His Horrific Tale Of Breaking His Nose While Going Down On His Girlfriend

by 2 years ago


I hope you are ready to do some cringing, because this story shared on Reddit by a guy who broke his nose while going down on his girlfriend will DEFINITELY make you do it.

He begins with a little bit of background (he’s very thorough)…

Our story begins in my second year of college, almost a decade ago, in a small mountain town. At the time I had been dating a lovely young woman, we’ll call her: Blondezilla, for several months. Blondezilla was obviously a natural redhead, very beautiful, intelligent and sassy as hell.

Being as this was college, and I had big plans to travel the world after, I had refused to call what we were doing “dating” or to call her my “girlfriend”. To me at the time we were friends with benefits with an expiration date. I was very clear on this, and she agreed to FWB relationship, I suspect knowing that we were in fact dating, and she used to show an alarming amount of joy by teasing me with words like “boyfriend” and “Love” and “ow ow ow ow you’re kneeling on my hair”. Upon reflecting back, she was correct, and we were dating.

Now this wasn’t exactly your run-of-the mill relationship, however, as you shall read…

Now Blondezilla and I had been “dating” for several months at this point and had a pretty good rhythm going. We’d go on typical dates: Dinner, Movies, Parties, sex-a-thons, most of which would end up in my bed, and would lead to the sex.

I consider the sex we had to be rather unique, as the first time it happened, it ended up with her, seconds before climaxing, curling up in the fetal position and crying, and then me feeling like a huge jerk and trying to comfort her. It turns out she had never climaxed before and the sensation leading up to it lead to a sort of panic attack.

This condition which I’ll call “Onewaysexitis” made our encounters very favorable to one side… my side. We would do our thing, I’d get her as close to getting off as I could without ending in tears, and she would then get me off. To this day I have never had such an orgasm debt with a partner.