Tampa Is So Flooded That People Are Catching Fish In The Street With Their Bare Hands

by 3 years ago

Things are getting pretty fucking dicey down in Tampa, Florida, as rain has literally turned the entire city into a giant lake. With all of that water falling from above and pouring in from the Gulf of Mexico, it was only a matter of time until that happened, though, right?

While Tampa residents deal with that shit as I sit here in my cozy, 75-degree sunshine in Seattle, I can’t help but feel a little bit of sympathy for them. After all, what a fucking awful thing to wake up to and have to deal with.

Anyway, while it’s an absolute disaster down there, one thing that has become quite popular is the abundance of fish people have spotted—while WALKING DOWN THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD SIDEWALKS!!

Why do I feel like it’s necessary to yell that news? Because that’s absolutely insane to me.

Hell, one guy was even spotted on live TV as catching a fish with his bare hands, which, besides being fucking awesome as all hell, is not something that I would want to be doing in the city I live in.


At least some residents are having fun with things—if that’s even possible—as one lady tweeted out a VERY FAKE picture of her morning commute, which involved a photoshopped shark next to her car, and another was seen just completely biting it while riding his bike around town.

Oh, Florida, this, right here, is why I will not be visiting you anytime soon.

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