Things Go Very Sideways When A Guy Catches His Friend Posing As Him To Ask A Girl Out On Facebook

guy poses other guy facebook


So this guy named, uh, Redditor J_tt, shared this Facebook exchange in which he was unwittingly pulled into some bizarre triangle of weirdness.

You see, unbeknownst to him a friend of his had used his Facebook account to try to hook up with a girl for him. Kind of odd, but hey, bro was just trying to help another bro out, right?


Turns out that he did not appreciate the help. Not one little bit. I believe the words “c*nt nugget” were used. Yes, after double-checking, those are the words that he did use.

The folks over at Some eCards think that he might be referring to Garry Disher’s book The Divine Wind, which if so is quite the mic drop based on the book’s summary…

On the eve of WWII, suspicion runs rampant in Hartley Penrose’s small town. Even though they’ve done nothing wrong, the town is turning against its native Japanese residents – including Mitsy Sennosuke, the girl Hart loves despite himself. The result is a wrenching, unforgettable story of romance, betrayal, and the turmoils that rock both the world and the heart.

The comparison might be a little bit of a reach, but I certainly appreciate the obscure reference nonetheless.

Explosion image by Shutterstock