A Dude Woke Up From A 6-Day Coma To The Best/Worst News Any Man Can Ever Hear From His GF

Arron Honzik spent six days in a medically-induced coma after suffering extreme spinal injuries and a serious reaction to anaesthetic administered by medics. Upon waking up from that six-day-long coma Arron was hit with the best or worst (depending on your perspective) news a man can ever receive from the woman in his life….He awoke from his coma to the news that his girlfriend was pregnant:

In Arron’s case, this is actually fantastic news because he and his girlfriend have been trying to conceive for quite some time.

via Gazette Live:

And 25-year-old Arron has vowed it’s the happy news that will help get him home.
Arron – who has spinal injuries – came out of an induced coma on Friday that he was put into after having a reaction to anaesthetic during an operation.
Yesterday he was handed a card from Chloe – who runs Dollywood boutique at Marton shops – telling him the happy news.
She found out in the early hours of Monday that she was around six weeks pregnant.
She said: “I’m only around six weeks but we’ve been trying for ages.
“It’s given us all something to look forward to.
“I can’t believe it.”

For my part, I can’t imagine worse news to wake up to then there being a child on the way. On the one hand I’m sure this is the best motivation imaginable for getting healthy, but on the other hand you’re so far away from being back to work and making that $$$$ needed to support a baby, and that just sounds fucking terrifying. In the case of Arron it seems like this story has a ver happy ending though, and this surprise will help him on his way to recovery.

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