Think You’ve Got Game? Guy Dates Beauty Queen, Goes On Vacation, Marries International Volleyball Star 3 Days Later

by 4 years ago

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Papiss Cisse is a Newscastle soccer player who was not only dating Rachelle Graham, 24-year-old a beauty queen and former Miss Newcastle, but told Rachelle that he was going on vacation…then three days later marries international volleyball star Diallo Awa, 29.

Dick move, but you can’t deny that the guy’s got game.

According to Daily Mail, Rachelle was under the impression that Papiss left to spend a month in his homeland, however when he didn’t return any of her texts she became worried and went online. The guy may have game, but he’s not sneaky about it — Rachelle found a photo of Papiss’ wedding photo to Diallo at a yacht club outside Paris.

More photos of the smiling couple’s wedding in Paris have since surfaced, with friends saying they suspect his religion and family prevented the two from having a future together.

They had broken up last year after trolls abused them because it was a mixed race relationship – but Miss Graham claimed recently they had started seeing each other more regularly again.

She even did a charity skydive to raise money for a community ambulance in the striker’s native Senegal.

Miss Graham told The Sun: ‘I’m hurt and disgusted to learn Papiss has got married without me knowing after we spent so much time together recently.

‘But it’s his life and if this is what he has chosen to do there is nothing much I can do about it. I just wish he had the decency to tell me first.’

However, as with any story there is always a flipside, this one being that Papiss and Rachelle were NOT dating and were NOT a couple, and have not been so for quite a while.

According to the Daily Mirror a source close to the player said that he and Miss Graham were not a couple and not dating while he was with his now wife.

The friend said: ‘Michelle is not his girlfriend and they have not been in a proper relationship for a long time. They were not a couple, and that is why he did not tell her he was getting married.’

Mmmmm….I call bullshit. When you’re getting married EVERYONE knows, and if they don’t know then you casually mention it when you’re talking about your upcoming trip abroad. The fact that he explicitly kept that from her is telling in itself, don’t you think?

Poor Rachelle. I’m sure she’ll be able to rebound pretty quickly though, I mean look at her…damn.







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