Guy Denies His Girlfriend Sex, So She Allegedly Pulls A Gun On Him, Because That’s Normal

Amazingly, this story of a man who told his girlfriend “no means no” when it came to having sex one night only the have her pull out a Ruger handgun and threaten to shoot him does not emanate from the great state of Florida. (That state is currently being occupied by naked women allegedly masturbating in the streets.)

According to the always vigilant Smoking Gun, 30 year-old Michelle Smart (ironic last name) of Spartanburg, South Carolina, was just looking for a little Valentine’s Day D from her boyfriend Ryan Rucker, 33, but it was 2AM and bro was just trying to get a little sack time so he told her to step off.

Rucker told cops that he pushed the 30-year-old Smart off of him, which prompted an argument during which Smart “told him she would shoot him because she has the gun.” Smart told officers that after Rucker “rejected her and pushed her off of him,” he punched and kicked her multiple times.

Cops noted that Smart “continually was changing her story throughout the investigation,” adding that, “For these reasons, Ms. Smart’s account became less believable.”

Smart, judged the “primary aggressor” by cops, was arrested for domestic violence since Rucker “feared for his safety when Ms. Smart pulled the gun out and threatened to use it.” Cops seized a Ruger handgun and six bullets, which were placed into evidence.

So there you go, if you turn down a little between the sheets action with your girl on Valentine’s Day, make sure your gun is locked away and you have the key hidden where she can’t find it. The more you know.

On the plus side, at least she wasn’t hiding the gun in her vagina.

Here’s the woman in question… (Insert your own jokes in the comments.)

Woman with gun image by Shutterstock