HOLY BALLS! This Insane Guy Went Into An Active And Very Fiery Volcano!

Molten lava can be between 1,292 to 2,192 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a tad too warm to take a relaxing bubble bath in, but makes for a truly amazing video. Crazy person Adventurer George Kourounis traveled to the South Pacific for the sole reason of going into the searing belly of the gurgling Marum crater. Maybe I’m old fashioned and I still haven’t moved past Pompeii, but if something is hot enough to liquefy rocks and then explode shooting said bubbling molten lava miles away, maybe, just maybe, you should steer clear. But that’s not Kourounis, he descended 1,200 feet into the torrid and terrifying crater. Sure he wore a bulky protective suit, which isn’t going help much if your trip and fall into the pool of molten lava. Just one drip of the lava splattered on his suit and instantly burned a hole into his jacket and camera. Well glad you had a great time playing near the opening to Hell, I’ll just be over here clinging to my blankie.