Guy Who Drank Every Day For 12 Years Quits Drinking For 500 Days And His Before/After Photos Are Incredible



It only took him 12 years, but after drinking every day finally began negatively impacting his health, Reddit user Meatteo decided it was time to quit. “I was drinking about three cases of beer and a handle of Jim Beam a week” he writes on Reddit, “I’ve tried quitting dozens of times before. This is the longest I’ve gone without a relapse. I basically hit rock bottom and was sick of being sick.”



The above photo is from being sober for only 300 days. Quitting alcohol isn’t the only thing he credits for his weight loss however, as Meatteo also concedes that after three months of sobriety he began running. “Twelve years of drinking every day nearly killed me” he writes, later admitting that he lost 80 pounds in the process.

As for what he looks like today, the difference after 500 days sober is shocking:



“Remember why you’re not drinking” he advises others looking to make the same change as him, “don’t keep alcohol in your home or apartment. If you relapse don’t spiral, dust yourself off and get back up on your feet. If I can do it, so can you!”

Congrats on being 500 days sober, Bro!

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[Via Reddit]