Guy Explains All The ‘Rules’ Women Have To Follow, Then Offers One Excellent Solution

rules for women

YouTube/Jay Smooth

With Celebgate, AKA The Fappening, taking place this week there has been a lot of teeth-gnashing amongst men about what women should or shouldn’t be doing, you know, with the same technology and living in the same world that men live in.

WBAI DJ Jay Smooth points out many of the asinine rules women have to follow on a daily basis. Such as, if they dress too provocatively that’s bad. If they dress too conservatively that’s also bad. We want them to take sexy pictures and send them to us, but they shouldn’t ever let those photos become public. He explains that the list of rules for women is so long it’s becoming unwieldy.

So rather than constantly editing this ever-changing rulebook for what women are allowed or not allowed to do, how about we just make a list for men since it would be so much simpler. It could contain just one simple rule. Any guesses what that could be?

H/T The Daily Dot