Guy Fieri Made A Mound Of Nachos In A Trash Can Because Guy Fieri Is Nothing If Not An Everyman

You, casual dude of the world, who cares not for pomp or pretension or any of the vestigial behaviors imparted upon us by our British imperial past, a man who knows nothing of summering on the Cape or the difference between chinos or khakis, what is your preferred method of consuming nachos?

A plate? A bowl? A baking sheet? Those work. Sure.

What if I said a trash can? Would you balk? No, you would not balk. Why are I even talking baseball right now when there’s nachos to be eaten, you would ask. You would shrug, mouth some words like “nachos a nacho” and dig into a trash can heaping with chips, cheese, salsa, guac, ground beef and jalapenos.

For you are a chill brah. You know who gets you? Guy Fieri gets you. And you get Guy Fieri. And you get trash can nachos because trash can nachos are the definition ain’t don’t care.

At the South Beach Food & Wine Festival, Guy Fieri made some nachos in a trash can.

Hark, he approaches.

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He brings the cheese.

From Food Network: “Guy used not one or two but a whopping three kinds of cheese to make his ultra rich queso. He reminded fans that it is important to opt for shredded cheese instead of chopped blocks, as the shredded stuff will break down easily and become part of the sauce more quickly.”

Yea. Yea. Do me.

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Here’s the greatest photo in American history.

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I love everything about that picture and can die never seeing another photograph.

Care to see the finished product? LOOK AT THIS MONDO MOUND OF NACHOS.

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Yea. Yea.


Did you come?


Want the recipe? Fuck you you can’t have it.

No, seriously. It’s not online.

[Via @Broderick]