Guy Gets Caught In Nightclub Photo With Ex-Girlfriend, Asks Nightclub To Take It Down And Their Response Goes Viral

Look guys, if you’re going to be sneaking around with your ex-girlfriend behind your current girl’s back, make sure not to pose for any photos. That seems pretty obvious, right? Like if my uncle was Hitler and my family were all white supremacists but I was trying to get a job at the NAACP, it would definitely be a good idea to not post any photos onto Facebook where I’m wearing a white hood and throwing a thumbs-up in front of Auschwitz. You’d think this would be common sense, but sense has apparently become uncommon these days as is demonstrated by this anonymous guy who got caught hanging out with his ex-girlfriend at Level nightclub in Bolton.

A BOLTON clubber was left panicked after a picture of him with his ex-girlfriend appeared online.

The mystery reveller contacted Level nightclub to ask them to remove a photograph from their social media showing him at the club with his ex.

Level nightclub shared the message exchange on its Facebook page and it attracted thousands of shares, likes and comments on social media.(via)

As for the message itself, it’s always best to take the honest route rather than making up some bullshit in an attempt to garner some pity. Don’t lead with something like “My dying grandma’s wish was for this photo to be deleted off your Facebook page,” because whoever reads that will spit in your face. Just lay it all out on the line; people love honesty when it’s from the heart:

Level was kind enough to delete the photo of the guy and his ex, however the screenshot of their conversation has gotten more than 10,000 likes on Facebook and been retweeted on Twitter over 260 times. Whether or not the guy’s girlfriend has realized that it’s her man who was the one messaging the club in that screenshot…well, that remains to be seen.

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