This Guy Got A New Job And Became Friends With A Female Coworker, Then He Received This Creepy Email

by 3 years ago

Office romances always seem like a terrific idea, and sometimes they are. But most times (See: 99.9% of the time) shitting where you eat is a truly awful idea. Even wanting to do it can bring you a ton of stress. Just look at this situation a guy named Alex found himself in. And then learn from it.

Alex recently started a new job. He was the new guy on the scene and naturally people were extra nice and welcoming to him. Apparently, one of his coworkers — who happened to be a woman named Julia — was a little too nice and welcoming. Not for her, but for the office creep who is infatuated with her. So infatuated, in fact, that he sent Alex a threatening email telling him to stay away from Julia, because he’s already pissed on that territory. She’s his.

After receiving the email, Alex posted it on Reddit, but he’s since delete it. Thankfully, this is the Internet and nothing is ever really deleted.



YIKES. The first thing that came to my head when I read this was, “This guy’s in Psychoville and Finkle’s the Mayor,” because yes, my internal monologue wholly consists of movie quotes.

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