This Guy Going BALLISTIC On A Starbucks Employee For Their Non-Xmas Cups Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today



So I’m sure you’ve all been made aware at this point that Starbucks stopped printing the 10 Commandments on their cups or some shit I don’t really know. But I do know that a select group of trolls who probably need to have more sex are FUCKING PISSED.

Brandon posted yesterday about the former pastor and Christian evangelist Josh Feuerstein, who started the whole “War on Christmas” campaign. Feuerstein had his day in the sun as this faux-outrage flare up, like them all, will soon disappear and people who hate their lives will find some new “injustice” to throw their weight behind. Paper cups just happen to be all the rage right now.

In reality, this cultural pissing contest is probably the best propaganda ISIS has going right now. When word spreads that our lives are so great that the biggest cultural issue right now is over a fucking paper cup, starving children in Syria are probably going to be like ‘Umm, fuck them bitches.’

But terrorism is neither here nor there. The video below is two minutes of pure comedy. Like an invaluable internet nugget. I hope you enjoy this lunatic’s rant as much as I did.

[h/t Unilad]

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