The Man On Facebook Who Is Mad About The Christmas Starbucks Cups Went On CNN And It Was LOLOL

The “War Against Christmas” social media campaign against Starbucks by former pastor and Christian evangelist Josh Feuerstein is almost as dumb as the protestors who refuse to acknowledge free speech at Mizzou and Yale. It’s faux-outrage in an era of faux-outrage over something so silly that it barely deserves to be acknowledged. Yes, let’s ignore the fact that Starbucks is actually doing some pretty darn great things for our troops and instead focus on the fact that their holiday cups don’t have snowflakes on. Feuerstein’s logic about “Starbucks hating Christians and Christ” is literally moronic. Again, I weep for the level of rhetoric and discourse in this country.

But today the Facebook blabbermouth got his comeuppance on CNN’s Newsroom. His audio cut back and forth and he proceeded to get trolled hard by Pete Dominick, who asked him why he doesn’t go to Starbucks and use their food to feed the homeless.

It’s pretty amusing to watch.

Oh, BTW… In case you care — Trump is team anti-Starbucks. Does that mean Trump is against supporting veterans and their families? It certainly could be perceived that way, which is weird coming from the pro-corporate candidate.

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