Guy Ingeniously Hacks His Parents’ Phones So They Can’t Text Him The Word ‘No’

guy hacks parents phones no


What the heck is going on with our phones, honey?

With one simple hack, not even a hack really, one guy found a way to both prank his parents AND get them to approve any and all text requests he makes to them.

Redditor nasshole (sweet name), who apparently knows more about smartphones than his parents (who doesn’t?), created a very clever shortcut on his parents’ phones so that they could never reply with the word “no” to whatever he texts them.

And while changing his mom’s “No” to come out as a “HELL YES” every time she texts the word was pretty smooth, what he changed his dad’s “no” to was the true icing on the cake…

guy hacks parents phones cant say no


People texting image by Shutterstock