This Guy Just Had So Much Ear Wax Removed That He’ll Never Have To Buy Another Candle In His Lifetime

Damn. That’s nasty.

And yet, I’ve watched it a dozen times. Perhaps that’s because I can’t believe this guy — Kyle Davis of “I’ve never cleaned my fucking ears” fame — had the entire supply room of a Yankee Candle factory in his ear. I know ear wax is healthy to ear health but that’s too much wax. At no point throughout the wax-growing process did this Kyle guy have an urge to snake a Q-tip or twenty in there to sooth an itch?

I can’t believe that. If I had this much anything, anywhere — boogs in my nose, puss in a pimple, shit in my ass — it would be taken care of accordingly. And by “accordingly” I, of course, mean with reckless abandon.

Lock it up, Kyle.

J.Camm is the Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of BroBible.