Guy Tries To Hide His Side Chick Under The Bed When His Wife Comes Home Early And It Goes About As Well As Expected

“Damn that dude is dead as hell” is something I just said to myself while watching that video. I literally cannot speak or understand a single word of whatever language they’re using, but I’m just sitting over here telling myself that the cameraman successfully snuck in a ‘Worldstar!!’ or two while filming this fiasco. And I say fiasco because I just have no idea how this guy thought this was going to work. I mean, that’s not even under the bed. He’s trying to hide her under the goddamn mattress. That’s like that old fairy tale about the princess who put the pea under the thirty mattresses except this is one side chick under one mattress and the dude’s wife is sleeping atop of it. I mean, that just doesn’t make any sense to me. Why not stick her in the closet or send her out the back window or something normal? Or, better yet, if you have to keep fuck someone who isn’t your wife, do it at her place. That way, you can just leave the scene of the crime after flinging your DNA all over it. I mean, common sense here. This is why you don’t get a side piece unless you’re smart enough to handle the lies and stress that come with them. It takes a man to support a family but a genius to support a family without them realizing he is also supporting another family.