Guy Lies About Being A Piano Master On Resume, Craps Bricks When Employer Asks Him To Play At Company Function

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Lying on your resume is all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out, or worse…until someone calls you out on your piano skills and asks you to play at a company meeting.

Why you’d lie about something that can be so easily tested is beyond me. Is my resume full of lies? Sure, but they’re stupid lies like “Proficient in Microsoft Word” (who DOESN’T know how to use MS Word?) and “Willing to work weekends” (willing? Yes, but will I actually do it? LOL no.) In other words, they’re lies I can bullshit my way through without anyone raising eyebrows. Javier Acosta’s friend, however, decided that going big or going home was the better option to take when it came to fluffing up his CV:

The Internet being the Internet, people started spitting suggestions on how to get out of the impromptu concert at him:

Luckily, one of the suggestions actually worked:

Javier told Metro that his friend’s employers were “quite sympathetic and wished him the best” when they found out that his carpal tunnel had flared up, and while this may have worked out in the end for him, let this be a lesson to you:

Don’t lie if you ain’t good at it.

[H/T Metro]

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