Guy Who Lost $30,000 After Proposing To His Girlfriend Is The Perfect Example Of What NOT To Do When Getting Hitched

Feel free to take all of this with a grain of salt – I’m only 23. And as a 23-year-old I know there are certain things that I am not an authority on, including but not limited to:

  • Doing my taxes
  • Wearing pantsuits
  • Filling out health insurance forms
  • Knowing which way is right and which way is left
  • Married people shit

Despite these shortcomings, I am, however, smart enough to know that proposing to someone after only dating for three months is a terrible, no-good very bad idea. Yet somehow, 45-year-old Philip Langer did not consider this a terrible investment and instead chose to blow $30,000 on an engagement ring. And boy oh boy is this one helluva ring:

That’s right, it’s got a 2.52 carat diamond surrounded by 34 rubies and 55 smaller diamonds. It is worth 500x the amount currently sitting in my checking account and can be seen by the crew manning the International Space Station when the sun hits it just right. And while you and I may be impressed by this fucking boulder of a ring, it apparently wasn’t enough to keep Philip and his now ex-fiancee, Ashley Jae Chesler, together:

… Ashley called off the engagement months ago and has allegedly not returned the expensive piece of jewellery to Philip from Manhattan, New York, the New York Postreported.

Philip says the state law requires her to return the ring and he wants a judge to enforce that or pay him back what it’s worth.(via)

Silly Ashley – what did you expect? You can’t expect the guy to throw a big chunk of change like that away just because you realized that your relationship hadn’t even existed longer than a relatively nasty case of heartburn.

I mean really…would you do any differently?

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