Guy Makes Questionable ‘Bro Choice’ Video, Which Favors Abortion So He Could Have More Sex

We felt we had to comment because the obvious “Bro” element in this. It's unfortunate that social, outgoing males (what we consider a Bro) are often automatically slapped with this sort of thing. Of course, this outgoing, social nature of Bro lifestlyes tends to lead to many a sexual encounter. With sexual encounters comes this certain braggadacio and weird related lifestyle, and inevitably, a certain political incorrectness (i.e., you go back to the house and talk about your hookups and the attractiveness of girls. This is no less evident in a group of girls, oftentimes even more evdient. Most importantly it's natural and entertaining, but this is another conversation for another day)

But as this shows, there is a time and place for everything. What you say behind closed doors is not the same thing as public forums. Not that you should be saying ANYTHING behind closed doors, but you get the point–you have to know where you CAN'T say shit.   

At this internet destination, we're firm believers in the notion that Bros are just younger gentlemen. A righteous Bro respects woman. As Michael Cera admirably notes in Superbad, “To the respect…of women.” We can all toast to that. 

Never a fan of reaming anyone out, but you gotta protect your turf. It's important to be funny, and sometimes its more important to mindful of the lines. Context is everything, and Bros aren't what that implies. The end. 

[H/T: Uproxx]