This Guy Messaged People On Grindr Using Only Quotes From Pokemon Red, Ended Up Swimming In Dick Pics


Nintendo / shaun kitchener

The Pokemon series is known for giving kids ages 8 and above a perfectly legal and easy way to enslave animals and cockfight them to the death (okay fine, they “faint” but whatever) in exchange for petty cash, all in a virtual world. The Pokemon series is, however, NOT known for its innovative and witty dialogue:



Fuck your shorts.



Introducing children to what a “sex offender” is. How educational.



Sorry girl, but if you have to go out of your way to tell me that your boyfriend is cool he probably sucks giant Magikarp cock.


As you can see there’s a plethora of stupid one-liners placed throughout the original Pokemon games, which means it’s PERFECT for some dude to come along, grab all the dumbest ones and throw them around Grindr just to see what sticks. If you’ve played the games you’ll probably recognize most of these quotes, and if you haven’t – well, why did you click on this post? You’re dumb. Go away.

Unsurprisingly, our Grindr man (Shaun Kitchener) wound up with a bunch of dick pics. Staryus are for face photos, Magikarps are for dicks.

Spoiler: There are many more Magikarps than Staryus.

img_4048-e1444779848360 img_4051-edit img_4065-e1444780022114 img_4034-e1444779929234 img_3776-e1444780148495 img_4028-e1444780218913 img_3897-e1444780341843 img_3787-edit img_4031-copy hey-youre-not-wearing-shorts-whats-wrong-with-you hi-my-boyfriend-is-cool img_4029-e1444780703381

According to Shaun, the best responses he got were when it came to talking about caves and tunnels:


cavesplit img_3785-copy img_4032-e1444781323560 img_3783-e1444781250122 img_4027-e1444781588106 img_3778-e1444782576834 img_4056-e1444781757768 img_4044-e1444781820312 img_4041-edit img_4062-e1444781866785 img_4070-e1444781898825 longoneedit

Classic Grindr: dick pics, a threesome offer all while the wife isn’t home of course:



As you can see, using lines from Pokemon Red isn’t exactly the most coherent way to get laid…but as long as you’re casting your line into an ocean of desperate fish, you’re bound to get a bite. Or two. Or three…hundred.

[Via Shaun Kitchener]