This Guy Needed Emergency Surgery On His Testicles When They Nearly Exploded After He Cheated On His Girlfriend

by 5 years ago


You know that saying “cheaters never win and winners never quit”? It’s actually bullshit. Cheaters frequently win as long as no one catches them cheating, and winners quit eventually or else they’ll become losers since you can’t win at everything all the time. That’s obviously not nearly as heartwarming to think about if you’re one of those people who buries their head down and puts hours on hours of effort into your work while the guy sitting next to you copies off of you and coasts through life on the cheater express, but that’s life.

With that in mind, here’s a story where a cheater gets his comeuppance by not only getting caught, but having his testicles swell to the size of a volleyball. Granted he’s cheating on his girlfriend and not in school like the picture I painted for you above would imply, but who cares? A win is a win is a win.

Thomas was told he required emergency surgery when his testicles turned black and swelled to a worrying size.

On first inspection the doctor who saw to him said it looked like a ‘straddle injury’. “If somebody is walking on a fence or climbing either side of a fence and they drop down legs with their legs on either side, it will sometimes cause a scrotal or straddle injury,” he explained.

Though when the doctor quizzed Thomas and his wife about what happened and if that could have been the cause, they both dodged the question…

“As they [Thomas and his wife] bickered, his scrotum has gone from a regulation softball to about the size of a cantaloupe to a volleyball and it’s getting blacker.

“He can’t even put his legs together. This is a potentially very serious injury.”

Seconds later another woman burst into the cubicle and it quickly transpires he’s been having an affair with a lady he works with.(Via)

While the doctor initially suspected some Fifty Shades of Grey S&M shit, what actually happened was that the wife caught him cheating on her and kicked him in the balls. So did Thomas deserve what he got? Or did his wife overreact because there’s no excuse for violence no matter what the circumstance (LOL like anyone here is that mature)? Let us know what you think in the comments!

[H/T Mirror, header image via Shutterstock]