Guy Sees His Photo In A Fake Obituary And That’s Not Even Close To The Craziest Part Of The Story

The man you see above is named James Bland. He is an actor and filmmaker. He is also not dead, despite a friend alerting him to the fact that his photo appeared in a recent obituary.

Apparently this happens a lot to Bland as he explained to Some eCards

“I actually have a folder on my computer labeled ‘stealing my pic’ with all of the screenshots people have sent me over the years,” he explained. “Yes, YEARS! I took that photo over 5 years ago and it has made its rounds on the internet; mostly dating sites.”

He continued, “I’ve been surprised at how many dating web sites are out there. One time I got a message from a woman saying she was messaging with a guy on who was using my photo. My first thought was ‘da fuck is Our Time?’ So, I did some research and discovered it’s a dating site for people over 50.”

However, the latest theft of his photo turned out to be a little bit different and resulted in one hell of a crazy story which he shared on Twitter

For some reason he skipped #3.

The 12th and final tweet was deleted by Mr. Bland, but it read, “Got an update on fake obituary story. Dude got fired from his job and employers think it wasn’t his wife who called but his side chick.”

Wonder why he deleted it? Any guesses? I have one.

Despite his photo having been used over and over Bland says that he’s never had anyone actually contact him personally. As for why, he explained that people “eventually end up doing a Google image search and it’ll link to my social media. That’s how they find me to let me know I’ve been a victim of personal image theft.”

So the very thing that gets his image stolen is also his savior when it comes to finding out about it.

Told you this story was crazy.

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