The Guy Who Posed As A Police Officer To Cut The Fast-Food Line Is Twice The Man I Am

A West Texas man was arrested Saturday for impersonating an officer by using sirens and flashing lights to skip the drive-thru line at a fast-food restaurant. The perpetrator, Michael Chico, was even wearing a uniform.

According to the Odessa police, an off-duty officer spotted a truck with law-enforcement trappings and thought the driver was a volunteer firefighter, but it was enough to raise his suspicion.

So the officer followed him to a few apartments and when confronted, Chico admitted he wasn’t an officer and used the lights and sirens to get through traffic lights.

Chico was arrested and released Sunday on $15,000 bail.

If you’re going through the trouble of equipping your truck with lights and sirens and waking up in the morning and putting on an itchy police officer uniform just to  shove a couple Whoppers in your face hole a little quicker, I tip my cap to you, officer. Fuck it, what are you ordering? It’s on me.

Also, anyone who’s been stuck in traffic has wished they had sirens on their car to bypass it all. And we’re going to shame this guy for doing what we’ve been too scared to do? This man isn’t a criminal, he’s a trailblazer. Plus, do you think those Police officers have somewhere to be when they do the exact same thing?

They don’t.

[H/T Huffington Post]

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